Illuminous is a brand new range of luxury skin care brought to you by Penny Price. Each of the sixteen items in this exciting collection has been expertly formulated using generations of experience. Penny’s mother, renowned international aromatherapist Shirley Price, first developed a successful range of aromatherapy skin care in the 1970s. Now Penny, following that family tradition, has created Illuminous – naturally active, indulgent face creams and lotions based on plant therapy – to restore radiance and youthfulness to your skin, and illuminate your inner beauty. We welcome and appreciate any comments you may have about our new Illuminous skin care; you can leave your opinions and reviews on the product pages of this website.

As an aromatherapist of over 30 years’ experience, Penny is respected the world over for the wide subject knowledge and passion which she invests in her art. Now you can enjoy the benefit of that knowledge and passion by caring for your skin with this unique skin care revelation.

“I really hope you enjoy using Illuminous, my new collection, which has been lovingly brought to life after many years of aromatherapy and formulation experience. If you would like help in choosing products to suit your particular skin, or simply want advice on how to get the best from Illuminous, then please call or email; we’re always happy to help.”